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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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Re: DCV meeting minutes

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February 23, 2003 02:52PM
Item #5: We discussed and agreed to bring trash bags and food for our clean-up effort on March 29th, to coincide with our next meeting date. We agreed to publicize the date on the forum and to inform people by word of mouth. We decided against coordinating who brings what, but it was noted that we should avoid bringing too much extra food that we will then have to pack out along with the day's trash. Although we have informed the USFS of this event, we have made no formal arrangements with them nor have we asked them for assistance, as we feel that the area is noticeably much cleaner and that hiking out trash bags gathered from outlying areas should be possible.

Further information on this item: After leaving the springs, I stopped in to say hello to Mike Castro and to show him our brochure. (He was very receptive and indicated his willingness to join with us and to support our efforts) I was very surprised to find out that the USFS had already contacted Mike to inform him of the DCV cleanup date and to provide him with a flyer. He showed me a flyer announcing the event and arranging a carpool with a meeting point in the morning. (Sorry, I didn't copy it down and forgot it, but maybe we can get that info on the web as well) I include this item of further information because it shows us that the USFS is already working on this item and we can expect the cleanup day to be a combined effort of the DCV, the USFS, and whoever decides to pitch in and help.

Item #6: This item was dropped from the agenda.

Item #7: Ron raised the issue once again of the need for our group to remain outside of the so-calle "feud" between DCHS, Inc. and Mike Castro of the Bowen Ranch. He proposed the addition of a statement to that effect, which he read aloud to us, to be included in our groups internal document welcoming new members. Consensus was reached by all present members on doing so. I believe that Ron is going to post the wording on the forum if he has not already done so.

DCV meeting minutes

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