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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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Re: A bridge at the springs?

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April 07, 2001 08:18PM
Katrina, this log you speak of that was moved by the four people must be some other large peice of wood beside the beam I speak of. This beam is huge and probably could not even be moved a foot by four people. It appears that It may have been part of a bridge far upstream that may have been washed out during the big floods. It is rectangular and very long. As I said it appeared around the corner upstream where the trail crosses the stream to go to the indian camp. It was left there during extreme floods so no one moved it to where it rested at that time. It was somehow placed across the stream as a bridge at this spot. In later years significant flooding dislodged this beam since it was not anchored down and moved it further down stream. This was quite a few years a go and after this flooding when I noticed that the beam bridge was gone I went down stream to look for it and found it where it now rest. It sits on many boulders in the creek and has not moved from this spot since. I think these people you speak of must have moved another large tree log. This beam since it is flat and wide enough to walk well on would provide an excellent bridge. It would take a lot of people to get it into a good position downstream from the hotsprings and an effective plan would be wise to anchore the beam so it was not washed out in the next large flood. I don't know that there are enough people that interested in making this dream a reality. It is realistically acheivable but would require a coordinated effort and planning. Maybe it will happen someday or a large flood will eventually take this beam past the springs further down stream. It is the largest, straight and flat peice of wood any where around the hotsprings. It would be nice to see it put to a useful purpose for the hotspringers. Maybe it would be a good project for the people in the forestry dept. They build bridges and trails else where. This would be a good chance for them to put some of that adventure pass money to a good use :-) I'm gonna take a closer look at this big stick soon. Happy soakin!

A bridge at the springs?

Wizard 1195April 02, 2001 10:13PM

Re: A bridge at the springs?

katrina 638April 07, 2001 03:28PM

Re: A bridge at the springs?

Wizard 900April 07, 2001 08:18PM

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