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Re: upcoming activism (From Old Forum)

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March 22, 2001 07:24AM
Bill wrote:

"Simple terms? What does a user fee have to do with
corporations? That reeks of being nothing but a bullshit
scare tactic you are using to try to drum up support for
your cause. The more you use such tactics the less likely I
will ever support you."

I agree with Free Our Forests. If you check out the web-site and actually read the wording of the rider (a non-debated piece of legislation) that created the Recreational Fee Demonstration Program (Fee Demo) back in 1996 as well as the additional legislation Congress has passed to keep the program going, you will see that it was pushed through Congress by corporate lobbyists. These include Disney, REI, and many others. They want to "disneyfy" your wilderness experience. This is exactly what corporations have to do with user fees. They get Congress to sell out our assests and then they reap the rewards.

Aside from commercialization of our National Forests and Parks, I oppose Fee Demo because (as if that weren't enought!):

1) The fees aren't being used as promised. You can check this out by reading their annual report.

2) As a taxpayer, I support my forests through my federal taxes. This fee is at least double-taxation. I own the forest, it is my birthright, I am an American citizen.

3) Discrimination. The people who cannot afford the fees won't have access to their own public lands.

We should never just give up without a fight!

Re: upcoming activism (From Old Forum)

DCR 1914March 22, 2001 07:24AM

Re: upcoming activism (From Old Forum)

free our forests 758March 22, 2001 10:48AM

Re: upcoming activism (From Old Forum)

DCR 781March 22, 2001 12:30PM

Re: upcoming activism (From Old Forum)

free our forests 805March 22, 2001 01:25PM

Re: upcoming activism (From Old Forum)

DCR 1470March 22, 2001 03:05PM

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