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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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Anniversary Pool Repairs Update

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January 16, 2003 10:20PM
As many of us that worked on the Anniversary pool have not had a chance to get back there to see the results, I though I would share with permission this email from a fellow coworker. It was received at the DCV email address on January 12th.

"When I got to the hot springs, I headed right to the Anniversary Pool and looked the whole thing over from the outside. The cement was excellent, really nice and hard, which meant that it had cured well. I pounded my fists a few times against the rock and cement work and it felt real solid. Personally I feel the work we did last week, is stronger than the rest of the pool. I then got into the pool and looked over the inner wall, it too was good. Then of course it should have been, as it's been sitting in warm water all week long. So once again we have an operational Anniversary Pool and the folks down there at the springs that realized or were aware of the fix, wanted me to let all of you know they appreciated the work you did in getting the wall back together again. As matter fact, Mike Castro asked me to thank all of you for the effort last weekend on the repair work. He really appreciates the effort put forward by all of you.

While I was there, I met a fellow by the name of Mike at the springs. If you recall, he posted on the forum just prior to the Saturday we did the work. He indicated he was
going to bring 10 lbs. of cement to help get the pool fixed. He didn't show and neither his brother Sam. One had gotten sick, the other had car problems. They told me to tell all of you, thanks for repairing the Annversary Pool. During the day Mike and I soaked in the Womb, Anniversary and Arizona pools. Mike and Sam are from Russia."

Thanks to our fellow hotspringer for the report!

Anniversary Pool Repairs Update

Ron 620January 16, 2003 10:20PM

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Paul P. 399January 17, 2003 12:42PM

Re: Anniversary Pool Repairs Update

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