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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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December 15, 2002 07:50AM
Hi everyone,

I was down at the springs yesterday but did not see any familiar faces. I stoped by Laughing Bear's palce on the way in and out but he was not in, so I will need to wait for another opportunity to meet him.

I hiked in from the Bowen Ranch and reached the springs around 11, having stopped on the trail to collect some of the trash down the hill from the trail. I even found a small propane gas container at least half full in addition to the normal cans and bottles.

When I reached the springs I found the only three couples and one other guy. In addition there were five college age kids camped on the beach across from the hot springs. The Womb had been drained and I then found the sand bag we use to plug it in the serenity pool beside the broken bottle neck of a glass bottle.

I put on my water socks and got in and carefully started removing the peices of glass I could locate at the bottom of the pool. I found a secnod bottle neck so I know at least two had been broken, however it looks like the culprits did try and remove some as all the glass I collected did not acount for two whole bottles. After I removed all the glass I could see (including some very small fragments), I then got the pipe and vacumed the bottom of the pool eventually removing all leaves and sand as well (just to ensure there was no glass amongst them. The pool ended up quite clean but I did no rock scrubing.

I spent the resto of my three hours there in the Womb or Anniversary pool. I have no rash to report or any bug bites. I found that a small amount of insect repelant on my head and torso keeps the little bugs flying around but never landing or biting me. No one recognizable turned up for the meeting. I suspect that the potential storm and upcomin holidya never allowed for more that half a dozen people at a time all day.

There was a party of four Sherif Department Search and Rescue crew that came past souting out the terrain in order to have a better plan for future rescues as the report getting called down ther quite often.

Our next meeting will be the last Saturday of January!

Deep Creek Volunteers - 12/14/02 Meeting

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