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Re: Mellow out, Wiz

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May 30, 2001 04:38PM
I think the Wizard is a bit sensitive on this subject. It must have been the experience with Jennifer that has created this sensitivity.

A unique feature of the internet is you do not know who people really are. A man can purport to be a woman and visa versa. Their motivations are as varied as the people.

There is a story behind Jennifer. When I first started on the website, I emailed some people who had expressed interest in hotsprings. One of these people was Jennifer.

To my surprise, I received a response to my email from Ted Stimple. I have met Ted Stimple a couple of times and had some brief conversations with him.

When Jennifer showed up on the forum, I wondered. Then when Jennifer kept referring people to the WANR website (Western Association of Nude Recreationists), I became convinced that Jennifer was indeed Ted Stimple. Ted Stimple is majorly involved with WANR.

However, I did not see any harm from Jennifer pretending to be a woman. In answering Jennifer's questions, you became more informed.

I think it is beneficial if we can get to know each other no matter what name you want to use. If you use several different names, this would cause some people to question your intentions. Why is more than one name necessary? Why would a person pretend to be a woman when they are a man? Why indeed.

Mellow out, Wiz

Viejo Bill 1311May 30, 2001 09:38AM

Re: Mellow out, Wiz

katrina 566May 30, 2001 04:38PM

Re: Mellow out, Wiz

Rick 600May 30, 2001 05:03PM

Re: Mellow out, Wiz

DCR 591May 30, 2001 05:39PM

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Wizard 727May 30, 2001 10:05PM

Re: Mellow out, Wiz

Viejo Bill 954May 31, 2001 07:04AM

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