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Deep Creek Hot Springs

The Moon is Waning Gibbous (85% of Full)


Beaver attack at the Springs!

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March 29, 2001 09:51PM
One tree down, more to come? When I was at the springs today as I was sitting above the " un-named pool " I spotted some trash in the reeds downstream on the opposite shore. I waded down through some really thick mud ( 2 feet in some places by the reeds ) and came upon a tree that had been chopped down by a beaver. You could see that he/she had stripped some of the limbs from this tree. I've never seen any signs of beavers near the springs area. I have noticed that there are some miles downstream near the dam. I've also seen what they can do to an area once they get established. They love cottonwoods and I've seen em take on some really big ones and win! I hope this beaver was on a vacation to the springs and has left. We've had enough problems with damaged trees already ( human beavers ) :-( The Crab Cooker is a long straight pool. Look south straight down this pool and across the creek and you will see the downed tree. It is about 200 feet south of the Crab Cooker. I met a guy today who said he writes for the Hotsprings Gazzete which I heard is out of Las Vegas. He stood on the beach on the other side looking a bit lost so I yelled to him that it was best to wade directly across. He made his way across leaning on his hiking stick with his two dogs in tow. When he arrived he imedietly got in the "un-named" pool. He said to me, is this the " Wizard Pool " and I said how did you know that, amazed since we haven't come up with a name yet! He told me " it just looks like a Wizards Pool! ". OK you guys I'm just messin with ya! :-) Anyway he got in the pool without a name and his blind dog got in too. Good thing Jennifer wasn't there :-) His dogs eyes were grey looking but the dog seemed to get around ok. This guy stayed for about 10 minutes and then got out and hit the road. He said it was his first time and that he wanted to see what Deep Creek Hotsprings was like. I was wondering is this how he gets his information for his story's. Odd to come and just go like that. Maybe he was afraid of the tatooed natives that were wandering around. Yeah one guy who I've seem a number of times before is tatooed from his ankles to his neck. He's real friendly and was telling me about an " Earthship home " he is going to build out near the town of Joshua. A house that is built out of tires and dirt and has great insulation factor. Me, I like livin in my cardboard box down on "D" street. Insulation factor 0! Well the day was great at OZ with warm temperature and rather calm. Creek was up like last weekend, about 10 inches above the Arizona pool. Did you all catch my mistake in my last post about the Kangaroo Rats. I said the water was slightly above the Aniversary pool. Well that would have been true back in the big floods of the 90"s. Have you check out my recent pic showing the floods above where the Aniversary pool would be, except that it haden't been built at the time of the picture. Also in the flood picture you don't see any willow tree poking above the floods. Wasn't planted yet! I hiked upstream past the Indian camp where there is a six foot waterfall that is runnin big right now. I took a good closeup of it and maybe I'll get it on to Craigs site when I get it developed. I really enjoy the warmer weather walking along the creek up stream from the springs sippin on some of my favorite white trash wine as I go! When you think of all the hard times that are goin on in this world its a special thing to spend time like that down there, walkin naked, sippin wine, and livin free and as simple as life can get, unless your dead :-( This is the dreamtime and the adventure I feel at OZ ! Well I gotta go for the weekend and do some naked sailing out on lake Mohave, my other favorite pastime besides the springs! It brings a sense of relaxation and peace movin across the water with a warm wind in your sails. Theres places up there where sand dunes come right down to the water. Its great sittin naked on a sanddune watchin a great sunset across the shimmering surface of the lake! Oh yeah, sippin my favorite wine! You can see a pic of our sailboat from a recent trip to the lake on Craigs site. I sent the pic of the boat to show Craig and he ended up posting the photo. Hey wake up you guys, I'm just gettin started here! I haven't talked about the kike out, puttin on my shorts when I got to the car, and the drive home! Just kiddin :-) Remember, wev'e got a pool sittin down there without a name so lets grow that list of names so we can vote. Voting will be banned for this weekend :-) Happy Soakin

Beaver attack at the Springs!

Wizard 1479March 29, 2001 09:51PM

Re: Beaver attack at the Springs!

Rick 665March 30, 2001 03:41PM

Re: Beaver attack at the Springs!

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Re: Beaver attack at the Springs!

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