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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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Next Meeting - Potential Agenda

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September 21, 2002 12:10PM
Hi Volunteers,

As mentioned previously, I am out of town. Actually I am out of the country and entire Northern Hemisphere as well. As you can see I am checking the forum and our email address on a sporadic basis. I won't be able to pick up any mail from the PO box or visit the springs till my return currently scheduled for the first week of October.

SycamoreLaughing offered to take notes at the next meeting and asked me to suggest potential items for the agenda. So here are some items you might want to consider if you meet.

1) What about setting a day for a clean up date sometime in the spring? I would suggest having it coincide with one of our monthly meetings.

2) What consitutes membership? We discussed this briefly in our last meeting but I think it deserves further discussion. I would suggest that we accept membership registration by either PO Box or email. I feel it important to establish a minimum of requirements that a person must submit in order to become a member. My suggestions would be, their name, mailing address or email address (preferably both), their forum name if they post to the forum, and a clear request to be added to the group (box marked on the form or spelled out on the email).

3) Do we need the brochure approved by USFS before we start registering members? Up to when I left CA last Tuesday I had not received any request for registration. My feeling at this point is we have a clear enough idea of what our objectives are that we can start asking people to join through this forum. All that we should not do till the brochure is approved by USFS is hand it out at the springs.

4) Till when are votes from non-members accepted? So far participants on the forum have voted for the name, brochure content and changes, etc. without necesarily being members of the group. Even those of us that have participated of any of the three meetings held so far at the springs have not registered to be part of the group. For how much longer should we continue with this practice? I think at some point we will need to limit voting to members only but I am not sure when this should be. We should give at least two months notice, but should we just set a future date or wait till membership reaches a certain number, like for example 10?

5) How would voting by proxy work? Via email? How would we control the same person voting more than once under different names? I like the idea of another member vouching for that person and recognizing they met them? Would it be sufficient if just one person new them, or would we need two or three? What happens if all the people that know a particular person are all identified with the Bowen Ranch or DCHS, Inc.? I hope most of you know me well enough to know that I am not trying to initiate a controversy here, but rather come up with a system we can all live with.
Maybe we should only start by voting by proxy once we have a list of registered members, but even then a member can only excercise this option after they have attended one meeting in person. Of course this is just my suggestion.

Well hope that this gives you a good starting point for your meeting. Keep the meeting on the positive issues as I have noticed you have all been doing on the forum. Share your opinion, enjoy the soak and if you have some extra energy do a little clean up. Maybe you will see some new faces like CAKoala ask to join us soon. I know that many of you may not share this, but I will keep you all in my prayers. We can make a difference.


Next Meeting - Potential Agenda

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Re: Next Meeting - Potential Agenda

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