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Re: The Village Code Enforcement

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September 15, 2002 05:22PM
It has been over 3 years since the code enforcement served warrents and cited numerous property owners(not all)with code violations.Most land owners cleaned up their properties however Mike has not.There is currently a demolotion action pending on his property.If he does not clean it up the county will do the job for him and assess a lein on the land.If the lein is not paid,the county will sell his land to the highest bidder at the yearly tax a
aucton to recover the costs of demolition.
Mike was originaly cited for violation of SB county code section 33.1210 and 33.1230.and this is called due process.How would you feel Gail if you bought a parcel of land with an incredable view and someone else dumped a bunch of old inoperative vehicles and other junk on 2 1/2 acres across the street from your house?Frankly,I dont care if mike cleans up his mess or if the county does.They are giving him ample time to do the job and I hope he does it before its too late.
I would like to see a copy of the BLM documents about aquiring the land in the Village.I do aggree that the tactics of the police were extremely hostile and questionably illegal as reguards to searching for drugs.It did have the feel of a big drug bust as Gary Grams is qoted as saying.I still would like to ask you to remove all references to the village from your website as most of us are trying to change the public perception of the neighborhood.We dont need anymore attention.

The Village Code Enforcement

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Re: The Village Code Enforcement

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Re: The Village Code Enforcement

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Re: The Village Code Enforcement

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Re: The Village Code Enforcement

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