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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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New Group Update

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September 11, 2002 07:55PM
Since our 8/25 meeting the following has happened:

1) We have a name, DEEP CREEK VOLUNTEERS won by 80% to 20% over Deep Creek Hot Springs Volunteers on the final round.

2) I have set up a P.O. Box for the group. It is:

Deep Creek Volunteers
P.O. Box 5988
Orange, CA 92863-5988

Although I posted this address before and offered people to send me a self addressed envelope if they wanted a to see a copy of the brochure that we discussed at the meeting, no request were received.

3) I have set up an email address for the group. It is:


4) I have added the name, P.O. Box, email address to the brochure and made the changes we discussed and approved at our meeting. I would like to send the brochure to Ranger Brad for his approval so we can start using it. However I would like to address one of the changes Naked Man proposed first, so please see my next post.

5) We also must start to address membership. Those of you that have the brochure from the meeting you can use a copy of it to sign up and mail to the P.O. Box. You could also send the same information to the email address if you prefer.

Hope this works for you all.

New Group Update

Ron 900September 11, 2002 07:55PM

Re: New Group Update

Naked Man 585September 12, 2002 01:10PM

Re: New Group Next Meeting

Ron 507September 12, 2002 10:08PM

Re: New Group Next Meeting

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Re: New Group Update

Naked Man 912September 13, 2002 03:07PM

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