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Re: Bad Energy

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September 10, 2002 05:52PM

I'd just like to say that Laughing Bear did a pretty good job of a quick overview of the issue items you were asking about. To tell you the truth, I have'nt looked at Ms. Fry's Website for sometime now, because simply got sick of looking at the same old thing over and over. It merely made me sick everytime I viewed negetivity of a friend / Mike Castro.

Sometime ago we, on this forum, had a major discussion about the raid itself and the various issues of the raid. The discussions of the raid, I believe took place I'd say in March or April of this year. I believe you can search and view the discussions that took place on this forum, I think by clicking on "More Searching Resources" right under the "reply to this message" window, someone correct me if I am wrong - thanks. But anyway once you get to these discussions that took place and what some of us were saying at the time, you could get a better idea of what transpired during the raid of the village.

I was not at the village at the time of the raid, but read a story or two from the local newspapers and heard a little from one or two of the current residents in the village. Basically the only thing I heard directly from the residents that I have had short conversations with, is that they say the county is now all of sudden enforcing county codes in the village. The county wants everyone living there, to come up to code. House wiring is one, I believe plumming another, I am not sure, but they may have to their structures up to code as well. I also know and read that there were 259 inoperative vehicles at one time sitting around in the village and the owners / renters were told to remove them or be fined. One village resident was growing marijuana in his yard openly and was fined and I believe arrested. Someone correct me if I am wrong. I may have forgotten a thing or two, but for the most part covered it for what know and understand of it.

So with the hot springs, the Bowen Ranch and the general area, (Village) it all shows in a negetive light so to speak. Village resident's are angry becasue they feel that everyone views them in negative light.

I'll be back later this evening one more thing you asked.

Out for now,.........Az

Bad Energy

Naked Man 1233September 10, 2002 06:14AM

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