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Re: Bad Energy

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September 10, 2002 09:00AM
Dittos Naked Man!

My exact feeling as well !!! I've repeatedly informed her of her behavior over and over in the past in a number of ways. Yet she continues to blame Mike Castro for every little thing that she or Wm Scwiess can dig up. And of course she does post here on the forum every chance she gets to simply create bad energy.

If any of you are not aware of just who is behind her every time she posts something, it is with her companion Wm Swiess, whom I know well. He and Mike Castro were friends way back when. But Mr. Swiess is a crazy person. In other words, this a mental case and needs therapy. It's unbelievable how Gail Fry and Wm Scwiess, these two crazy people became a team.

I know all 3 individuals, Mr. Castro, wm Swiess & Gail Fry, (alias - Katrina Island) and there's no doubt in my mind that Mike is better in every sense of the word. One would have to be literally stupid to believe otherwise.

I remember years ago when Mike Castro decided to get the lease from Fred Moss. Once he got the lease and Ms. Terri was out, Mike immediately made the place, (Bowen Ranch) presentable. I remember him, (Mike) getting huge trash dumpsters and cleaning the place. I also remember arriving at the ranch one morning during the cleanup period and giving up days visit to the hot springs to assist Mike with the cleanup effort.

So what I am saying here is, why would Mike Castro simply walk away from Bowen Ranch after all the hard work he did, in order to let a bunch of pot-heads take over. Where would the logic in that be?

What I thought was great to see, is when the ryan family purchased thee other 40 acres next to Mike 's 80. Now we have two great owners of two parcels up there, who are not on drugs, who are not alcoholics and who are all hard working professional people.
So why would anyone in their right mind choose DCHS, Inc. is beyond me. I can't believe there's some people out there yet, thinking differently. Totally shocking to me.
Is it any wonder why I and host of others side in with the Bowen Ranch side of things?

Thanks Naked Man for a great post above. Your logic is right on !!!!!

Bad Energy

Naked Man 608September 10, 2002 06:14AM

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Arizona Mike 399September 10, 2002 09:00AM

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Arizona Mike 327September 10, 2002 09:12AM

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Skeptical 327September 10, 2002 10:25AM

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Arizona Mike 721September 10, 2002 09:29PM

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