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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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Re: Legal help for DCHS inc

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September 11, 2002 08:35AM

If anyone questions your post here, I for one will back you fully here as I was with you and Paul and others at your campsite the evening you became very vocal with jobe.
My observations are, is that your message to jobe was not getting through to him. It was as if his mind was too concentrated on locating the marker in the vicinity of where your campsite was.
I personally felt comfortable having him there even before you lit-off at him, but then I've always felt that way in the past. To me, he gets too involved with inner personal thoughts, whatever they are and at the same time he's causing discomfort to those around him. He's simply not paying attention to what he's doing or saying and it's going to get him into trouble some day. He's already in deep enough at the moment and will only get worse for him, if he continues what he's doing and saying.
In a post not too long ago when we were discussing that marker thing, I warned him of staying off Bowen Ranch property and now I must warn him again about his behavior as well.
I truely hope he is reading what I am saying and will give it some careful thought.

Legal help for DCHS inc

Laughing Bear 788September 09, 2002 10:58AM

Re: Legal help for DCHS inc

katrina island 509September 09, 2002 02:35PM

Re: Legal help for DCHS inc

Naked Man 440September 09, 2002 05:59PM

Re: Legal help for DCHS inc

Sycamore Laughing 433September 10, 2002 08:51AM

Re: Legal help for DCHS inc

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Re: Legal help for DCHS inc

laughing bear 469September 10, 2002 10:50AM

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