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Re: Legal help for DCHS inc

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September 10, 2002 08:51AM
Laughing Bear, I do appreciate what you are saying. I have seen the damage that false accusations can do to a person, and would not want to be responsible for being party to such troubles. Now, when Jobe posted his tale of the beach, going on about how very strong he is after my posts about him, I took it as something similar to the way he stared at me at the springs, the way he pointed that digital camera he was using at me from on the rocks just a little while after I told him that I did not want him taking my picture, and the way he continued to bother me long after being told directly that I did not want him to: that is, I took it as one more attempt on his part to intimidate or harrass me. I did not consider that he might be going on about his strength out of fear that someone might do him harm.

Let me say now that I did not accuse Jobe of committing any crimes other than tresspassing and harrassment of me (and, as I've said, I have no desire to bring prosecution for the harrassment as long as it stops). He has been accused of pedophilia by others on this forum, and yes I did bring that up, but Katrina is wrong to assume that his harrassment of me was the only reason, as she is also wrong that I based my words on hearsay. I am as uncomfortable with the way Jobe acts around children as I am with the way he acts around me, but where children are concerned, the vulnerability and potential for damage are much greater. The fact that the hearsay about Jobe is the same as what I have witnessed only makes me worried. I am glad that Katrina is willing to acknowledge the great damage that can be done to young children. so, while I am not unconcerned with any fallout that Jobe may suffer, I am more concerned with any damage that might be done to children.

I tried to alert our group to my concerns by posing it as a hypothetical situation before our last meeting, right here on the forum. No one, it seems, wanted to consider that type of possibility, and the group as yet has not wanted to discuss it. I brought it all out directly to Jobe the day before our meeting, and told him the same things that I said on the forum almost word for word. That did not stop him from invading my campsite that same evening, or from his behavior before and during the meeting. I posted what I did to stop Jobe from harrassing me, yes, and also to alert him and hopefully any friends of his to the fact that many people are not comfortable with his behavior around children. Again, my point is to make him stop. Hopefully, he will see or be persuaded by his friends to modify his own behavior before it gets him into any further trouble. I wish that my private words to him had been enough. (well, semi-private...I wasn't going to be exactly alone with him to tell him these things because I do have some fear of him)
Jobe's actions on the weekend of the last meeting gave clear indication that he chose to ignore what I was saying completely. I don't think he can ignore it now. I hope not.
But, I am not completely ignorant of the potential for someone in his position to be targeted for violence. In fact, when he wanted yet again to talk about his "evidence" that Mike Castro supposedly was the only person who might have shot out his windows, I suggested to him the possibility that someone might have done such a thing because of the reputation he has concerning children. He did not seem to think that such a thing was possible.
Katrina is making it sound like I am the first and possibly only person to make public note of Jobe's behavior, but as you have been reading this forum for longer than I have been posting, you know that this is not the case. I've had my say about Jobe and left it in the hopes that it would do some good. I still hope so. I think Katrina is really angry with me because I said that I do not believe her "evidence" concerning Mike Castro, but I feel her energies in regard to Jobe would be better spent in discussing his questionable behavior with him and helping him, as a friend, to understand that he needs to modify his behavior to avoid being in that kind of position.
Now I have made a much longer post than I had intended, but I hope it clarifies my motives in posting what I did. I do not wish any harm to Jobe, but I do hope my words serve as a "wake-up call."

Legal help for DCHS inc

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Re: Legal help for DCHS inc

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Re: Legal help for DCHS inc

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