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Re: Legal help for DCHS inc

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September 09, 2002 05:59PM

When AZ Mike said, "unproven allegations", I'm sure he was simply pointing out that if Jobe is being *falsely* accused, it can endanger him, for obvious reasons. What if what she says is true? What would be your resonse then, Katrina?

Whether Sycamore's concern is for her own safety or the safety of children, it's irrelevant. On either point, I defend her actions and support the use of knowledge of his behavior as a weapon against him to get him to comply.

It typical [pedophilic] fashion, Jobe regards his actions toward children harmless, and sadly, perhaps the only thing that will bring him to his senses is the threat of legal action. The last thing a pedophile wants is to have his secret life exposed. All I can say, is that if Jobe continues to do what I've seen him do at the Springs, I will not remain silent either!

Legal help for DCHS inc

Laughing Bear 1154September 09, 2002 10:58AM

Re: Legal help for DCHS inc

katrina island 659September 09, 2002 02:35PM

Re: Legal help for DCHS inc

Naked Man 653September 09, 2002 05:59PM

Re: Legal help for DCHS inc

Sycamore Laughing 595September 10, 2002 08:51AM

Re: Legal help for DCHS inc

Arizona Mike 1136September 11, 2002 08:35AM

Re: Legal help for DCHS inc

laughing bear 654September 10, 2002 10:50AM

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