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Naked Man's only proof of the truth was wrong

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August 20, 2002 01:14AM
Naked man's only proof of the truth turned out to be wrong. The only evidence presented by Naked man to support any of his statements was a map drawn by Mike Castro.

After examining actual maps and satellite photos of the area, I believe people were able to determine that the Bowen Ranch parking lot is on private land owned by the Rancho Las Flores. Rancho Las Flores has not given permission for the public to cross, park and camp on their property.

Remember the discussion about the Bowen Tollgate was actually on a county road, if you don't park right at the Bowen house, driving to the lower parking lot you drive onto land owned by Rancho Las Flores?

Naked Man sees no evil, hears no evil, but speaks in support of evil.

Naked Man sees his "truth" in map handwritten by Mike Castro (who has no possible motive to exaggerate land boundaries):

Author: Naked Man (---.dsl.lsan03.pacbell.net)
Date: 05-02-02 07:56

"When I enter the Bowen Ranch from Bowen Ranch Road, pay the parking fee, and drive to the parking area, where is the concept of a toll ever relevant? That road crosses nothing but Mike's land.

The drawings Mike made for me were accurate enough to describe the position of the roads and buildings. He couldn't be that far off in his sketches that would place his roads anywhere but on his own land. And I have seen the documents posted on your website and drew for myself the boundaries based on the legal descriptions of the lands.

My aim here is to help clarify issues and set the [message board] record straight for the benefit of those who've visited your website and are wondering what's REALLY going on here."

And more of Naked Man's unsubstantiated "truth" based on what he hears (and this sounds so reasonable):

Naked Man posted "And now for a little truth: The cars that were allegedly broken into as described in earlier posts, were broken into by YOUR friends while blaming it on Mike, from what I hear. If I were in Mike's shoes, I'd be reaching the point real soon where I would SUE you for slander and criminal
mischief, among other things."

Now here is Katrina posting actual topographical maps prepared by independent companies, actual tax maps from the county records to substantiate her statements:

Re: Bowen Tollgate on County Road
Author: katrina (---.cvx17-bradley.dialup.earthlink.net)
Date: 05-30-02 11:11

The county's tax map is divided into one-mile squares called sections (640 acres per section); each section is designated with a number from I to 36, then blocks of 36 sections are designated "townships". "Topo" or topographical maps use exactly the same designations. The USFS San Bernardino National Forest map and BLM Surface management Status map also utilize the same
one-mile square section numbering system. So you can correlate between the maps by using the section lines.

The Bowen Ranch is in section 11, this is depicted by the large numeral "11" in the exact center ofthe section. Notice that on the tax map the numeral "11" has the abbreviation "SEC" just above it and "(640 AC.)" immediately below.

Mike Castro's property in the eastern half of section 11 or to the right of the large numeral 11. His 80 acres is a quarter of a mile wide (east to west) and a half mile long (north to south). The Rancho Los Flores property is in the western half of section 11; the 160 acres are one half mile square and situated to the left of the large numeral 11.

To see if the Bowen Ranch parking lot is really on Rancho Los Flores land, first look at topographical map. Notice that the parking lot is in the vicinity of old "Water Tank" site which is to the left of the section 11 numeral.


Next look at the county tax map. Rancho Los Flores is to the left or west of the center of section 11. Mike Castro's Bowen Ranch is to the right or east of the center of section 11.

This puts the Bowen Ranch parking lot on the Rancho Los Flores land and makes Mike Castro's "parking fees" an illegal toll; because you pay at the ranch tollgate then park (trespass?) upon the land of another. That is unless you actually park near the Bowen Ranch Buildings."

Naked Man speaks evil when he speaks in support of Mike Castro. Because in supporting Mike Castro's actions, Naked Man is condoning and actually promoting a criminal enterprise. This is because Mike Castro collects his toll based on threat of arrest, vandalism, and/or violence, which is extortion.

I have always known that Mike Castro's attorneys have been monitoring the site. This monitoring has been going on for quite some time. Therefore, all my posts have been with this in mind.

I have posted numerous documents on this forum to support my statements. I now ask Naked Man to provide any evidence (actual evidence, not Mike Castro's stories) that he may have to prove any of the statements on the website are not true. And try to do better than your last map deceptively hand drawn by Mike Castro.

Don't you think that Mike Castro should know where his boundaries are after 10 years of chasing down trespassers?

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Naked Man's only proof of the truth was wrong

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