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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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Re: 2nd. Meeting Summary

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July 15, 2002 11:23AM
Sam D.,

Thanks for your input. One thing about leaving filled trashbags at a staging area at the hot springs, is that we do not want to leave the wrong message to those who tend to lack in proper outdoor etiquette.

On Saturday afternoon, Ron walked me over to a tree a little ways upstream to show me where our friend Wizard thought it might be a good place for us to have as a staging area. Filled trashbags would be stored under the tree for anyone willing to pack out when leaving the springs. The idea has good intent no doubt, but unfortunately there are some visitors that go around along upstream also camping overnight or merely hanging-out during daytime hours as well with poor outdoor etiquette. They may discover the staging area and think it's a trash collection site.

I mentioned to Ron almost immediately when we arrived to the tree, that if we decide to have that tree for a staging area, then we ought to post a sign informing any and all visitors that it is not a dumpsite. Even leaving a sign under the tree explaining what it is meant to be, is no guarantee.
The staging area idea I am still a bit leery of. It could backfire on us.

I am still sold on the idea of doing a one-on-one talk with visitors that seem to lack in proper etiquette and also posting signs in strategic places for all to read.

I would like to see us get past minor issues of the group we attempting to form. Issues of a name for the group, mission statement and our objectives should be relatively quick and easy. Thanks to Ron, he's got the objectives and mission statement done for us to go over. Maybe a little tweeking to it.
Then we go after the more difficult issue of trash and unresponsible visitors at the hot springs. Start an ecucation process with those lacking in proper outdoor etiquette, arranging good communications with Mike Castro at Bowen Ranch and the U. S. Forest Service. Mike is at a very strategic place, (the Bowen Ranch) when problems at the springs, trails and elsewhere arises. We also need to work with the U.S. Forestry Service for the go-ahead to do things at the hot springs. Getting fliers out there for all to read should be a priority as well, start the education process going !

Lastly, we need not be afraid to speak with visitors at the hot springs who lack proper etiquette. Once we shy away, they win. We need to fight fire with fire and stick to what's right for the preservation of the hot springs. Let's walk our talk!..........Arizona

2nd. Meeting Summary

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