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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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Re: 2nd. Meeting Summary

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July 15, 2002 09:24AM
Wizard's suggestion of running the flier buy Brad Burns for review is excellent! This is a good start on the need to include governmental representatives in the decision process of the new Volunteer group.

This is primarily for Ron -Ken in another post discussed how he had to assist someone going back up the trail. I think the flier and /or a sign at the top of the trail should state some basics about the hike down -something simple like the hike is steep coming back up, very hot and dry in the summertime, drink lots of water etc. I've been amazed over the years how unprepared some people are. I personally have had to carry several young kids up portions of the Bowen Ranch Trail who were either with single Mom's or their Dad's cut up the trail ahead of their family. We've given countless people water on the way up, provided sunscreen and food, and assisted hikers under the influence of alcohol so they wouldn't fall off the trail! We even provided clothes to a poor soaker who couldn't find his stuff at the springs (yes he was drunk). The most unusual assistance I provided was an individual who had an allergic reaction to a fish burrito or something he brought with him. As he was going up the trail, I came up behind him. He was having difficulty breathing, he explained he had an ephenefrine kit in his pack. I took it out and gave him a shot in his thighs, and he was soon OK. He was very thankful; he insisted we drive out together and stop at the market in Hesperia where he insisted on buying me a six pack of my favorite beer!

Anyway, people should be aware of the hiking conditions either through Ron's flier and/or a sign.

2nd. Meeting Summary

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