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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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Re: Free Speech Protections

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July 12, 2002 04:48PM
I'm glad this is America.

Aview from the inside out

I am an out sider but I go to the springs and have been for some time and found this site last month. and I have some thing to say too.

It seams that every one wants it their own way, and hell with every one else.

Free access it is our rite and I want it nomatter how it hurts the inviroment.

conservation of the springs and creek, right on good idea and seams to be well thought out, just putting it in to action ...well?

signs at the creek telling where people to go to do their toilet thing and flyers handed out at the ranch, great.

Trash left by late night party prople ( I'm one of those ) I personaly dont leave much trash but the rest , some do. thanks for picking up after us.

Some times we park at the ranch and some other times out closer it all depends who is driveing what. ( I like the ranch ) ( I also like Mike ) most of my friends are around 20 or so, I'm 17 - and yes my mom knows I come here-

Realization there is a problem at the springs. people are comming in and trashing the place and some times it looks like hell- - - OP'S I'm part of the problem. and so are you! If it were not for that bald guy with the two little girls wanting an easy way in there would not be as many trails and ways in. I hope that they will be able to come down when they are my age- not the way things are going

Jor; I know what you are. I have watch you zero in on little girls and other kids there at the springs, I have been afread of you sence I've first met you there. I'm suprised that you still go down there maby some day it will all come back on you. I would like to say thet I shot out his window but I diden't Only wish that I did but I was there at the springs that night and saw you sneaking around with your son.

Mike Castro. He is cool and some times he wont let us in so we go around but mostly like to park at the ranch, Give him a break he is not the bad person. If you were in his place you would do the sme thing. I hope he does not rember me when I come in.

I'm realy beganing to feel how special this place is. I've watch it come back to life after beeing burnt I rember how it looked before and after the fire and how it looks now. But to keep it that way you need to get rid of the problems. and I see one of the problems is the maps on how to go around the ranch, ( I know it is your right ) but it fucks up the whole place for me my friends and the rest of the people who use this special place. Remove the maps and it will stop some - but not all- of the butt heads from comming down.

Will I guess that is about all but you an take it any way you want I'm just a kid but what do I know. I do know this ( beacuse I found out the hard way) you cant have it boath ways. SO NOW WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ?

I will not respond. to E-mails but I do folow this form and have done so for over two years and have ben going to the springs for over 8 yeas.

I love free speach, how bout you ?

Free Speech Protections

katrina island 808July 09, 2002 06:42PM

Re: Free Speech Protections

kary 456July 12, 2002 04:48PM

Re: Free Speech Protections

Laughing Bear 481July 14, 2002 06:18AM

Re: Free Speech Protections

Ron 755July 14, 2002 12:05PM

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