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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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Re: new direction

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July 09, 2002 10:20AM
Hello Syacmore,

I was glad to hear you made it back home safely. I will see Mike this coming Saturday and will relay your message to him. I am sure he'll be happy to hear you made it home safely as well.

Sorry we missed each other on the 4th and waited at the ranch 'til little after sunset. Just as it was getting dark out, I decided to check out the Bowen Ranch parking lot to see if anyone was there camping, but saw no one and really had to leave.

Anyway, sorry we didn't connect, but there's plenty of time for a meeting. Glad to hear that you and the Wizard met. He and I are no longer on the war path, thank God! If he and I would have continued the way we were going, we probably would have become known as the "Hot Springers From Hell" But maybe now we'll be known as the "Drinking Buddy Hot Springs"
He with his special imported boxcar wine and me, ice cold milk, what perfect combination don't you think?

Hope to meet ya one day soon and post on again to let's us know when you plan to return to the springs again. Cheers, .... Arizona

new direction

sycamore laughing 891July 09, 2002 08:28AM

Re: new direction

Wizard 476July 09, 2002 09:31AM

Re: new direction

sycamore laughing 529July 09, 2002 10:00AM

Re: new direction

Arizona Mike 497July 09, 2002 10:20AM

Re: new direction

sycamore laughing 542July 09, 2002 12:22PM

Re: new direction

Laughing Bear 1530July 09, 2002 10:24PM

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