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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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Re: new direction

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July 09, 2002 09:31AM
Sycamore, I have already expressed my ideas on the slander issue and my feelings about the open access routes. I could respond to what you have said above but it is my wish now to stay off the Merry Go Round of discussion on some of these subjects. In the future as in the past, things will continue to be discussed here that will spark disagreement. I will of course have my own take on whats being said. As I mentioned to you at the springs, I don't like the idea of having my hands tied, so to speak, in regards to being able to freely express my own ideas, but I also do not wish to waste more time going around in circles on some of these subjects. This will be the challenge for me, deciding what I will respond to. With this in mind you will see subjects come up in the future here and you may see no response from me. That will not be an indication that I have no opinion on that subject or that I necesarily agree with whats being said, but rather, that I see, for myself, to get involved in that particular subject will bring no results but argument. Hopefully, those of us who have expressed our caring for the springs here at the forum will find some ways to help, in what way we can, make the situation at the springs better than it would be, without our combined efforts. I feel this is what we should concentrate on. Its clear that we will not agree on certain things. I think its important in consideration of an effort to come together that we all do our best to keep the communication between us, civil. Sycamore, I think that in the post I've seen from you here, and in meeting you in person, that you approach the discussions in a polite and considerate manner. If we can all approach our discussions with eachother in this manner then I have no doubt that as a collection of people interested in the well being of the springs, that we can find ways to cooperate and do good deeds for DCHS :-)

new direction

sycamore laughing 887July 09, 2002 08:28AM

Re: new direction

Wizard 474July 09, 2002 09:31AM

Re: new direction

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Re: new direction

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Re: new direction

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Re: new direction

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