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Deep Creek Hot Springs

The Moon is Waxing Gibbous (57% of Full)


2-20-2023 trip report president's day ugh!

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February 21, 2023 09:10AM
It was 10:30 when I pulled into the D.C.H.S. My thermometer said it was 62 degrees and there was a 10 mph breeze. Which made it feel kinda chilly. There were 9 vehicles in the Bowen ranch parking area. There were 12 vehicles in the new and improved Deep creek hot springs campground. There was many campers hanging around have breakfast. The smell of camp fires always remind me of the good old days. Or wait were they REALLY?
About 12 persons were leaving the springs as I made it to the beach. About half had sleeping bags in tow. We can guess what they were up to. The water temp at the crossing was 39 degree. It was only up to my belly button and I am 6'2". Still too cold for this Florida boy, but so worth it.
I got angry at all the litter as I got to the beach above the Arizona pool. Later I picked up @ 40 pounds of ugly discussting trash. Most was on the beach before you crossed to the springs. Why do idiots break thick glass bottles then leave it on the beach? (Insert cuss word here)
There probably 30 person around the pools when I got there. About half were nude. I had not heard that schools were out for president' day, ever. There were 4 regulars on this trip.. There were many families with children, a surprise.
At 1:30 I got my pool themomenter out it said the air temp was a perfect 72 degrees and no breeze. Another perfect weather day.
The creek water temp above the Arizona pool was 39 degrees also.
All pool temps were taken near the pool center and near the surface.
The Arizona pool temp was 106 degrees. This pool was crowded most all day. Because it is most peoples favorite.
The Anniversary pool was 102 degrees and also full of happy soakers. The water was a little mucky however.
The Womb pool was 99 degrees and in need of cleaning. Some day...
The Serenity pool was 103 degrees. Many were going back and forth from hot to cold water. I am getting too old for that dang it.
The Crab Cooker pool was 114 degrees. What a delight!
The Contemplation pool was 88 degrees. What a shock, it is usually cooler than that. Plate tectonics perhaps?
Later I discovered that a couple had dammed up and made a pool at the source beside the Pacific coast trail. This was why the Anniversary pool was murky and also that made the pools below a little cooler also. So just before I left I took the damn down.
Everyone everywhere were happy this day. A side from an issue with some dogs everyone was glad to be at my favorite hiking destination.
Happy spring time everybody. And remember to take your ugly trash with you and help out with this problem. PLEASE?

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2-20-2023 trip report president's day ugh!

jobe1010February 21, 2023 09:10AM

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