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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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Trip Report 1-11-2020 DCHS parking and camping

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January 12, 2020 10:29AM
I got to the new parking area just before 10:00 am. Talked to Jessica for @ 20 minuets. She explained they were working on getting their conditional use permits. I told her that is always a big pain in the you know where about construction. Brent was up at the place where the water tank will be. That is actually his name NOT Brett as I said earlier. The person who told me that Brett was his name has bad ears. Brent and I talked about several very interesting subjects for @ 20 minuets. Which made me feel as he is a brother from another mother. We have had similar life experiences. The day was warming so I went to the parking area. I spent 1 hour exploring the projects and land which is very pretty. Some one was working on the spring where all the water will be coming from I think ? This is going to be one GREAT place for camping. All of the luxuries of home at our finger tips. "IF" you want them. Or one may camp closer to the springs in a more natural settings "IF" you prefer. There IS a 14 day limit with the B.L.M. and National Forest Service.
I was the only one at the new parking area Saturday. There was a gentle breeze and @ 65 degrees. About half way down the trail I met a nice Mexican woman named Carol. She said it was her first time going to the springs. Her son told her to watch out for the naked hippies there. I told her I could show her the pools. But she said she was not going to cross the cold water. People sometimes amaze me. ?
It was 12:20 when I crossed the bone chilling cold water. There were at least 50 persons all around. Shortly after I unloaded my gear at least 40 more day trippers came from the Bradford ridge path. Probably 120 people at the height of the day. Occasionally as I went from pool to pool I had to wait for some one to leave the pool so I could take their place.
The Phoenix pool was over flowing from it's old over flowing height before the last flood happened. The water level is gradually receding. It is @ 16 inches below the level of the pool. The water was I guess 106-108 degrees it's normal self again. Clean and green. Several persons told me it is their favorite pool.
All of the pools were full of day trippers. Everyone was taking the trash out that they brought with them. And pic nics DID happen. I saw 5 regulars this trip. Everyone had a fun day as far as I could tell. Except, As I crossed the bone chilling cold water again I talked to 4 ladies who had gotten lost. They did not turn left at the fence and had walked more that 2 miles up the road when some motorcycles asked them if they were lost ? These ladies had "never in their lives walked so far." They said. You could tell these ladies had never ever missed a meal too. It was too late for them to go into the pools. But they said "they would come back later since they knew how to get there NOW". I liked their spirit.
As I left there were many people on the trail. Some coming in with tents and bags. Before this I saw 3 tents up steam from the beach. When I got to my van I saw Brent's drone going at a fast speed along his fence line. When I passed by the travel trailers he was busy concentrating on his controller.
So it was another good day to be hot springing !
If anyone is curious ? You may turn right just before the Bowen ranch fence. Go @ a quarter of a mile and go left up hill to the trailers and pay to park at the old parking area. Which is now their property. And Have a fun day !

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Trip Report 1-11-2020 DCHS parking and camping

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