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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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Trip report 3/11/19

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March 12, 2019 09:25AM
Arrived to Bowen around 11. Mike said the river was knee-high or waist-high. Got down to the springs, and heard running water from farther away than I ever have before. One other couple ahead of me turned around at the end because they didn’t want to cross.

I did cross, but couldn’t take anything across the river with me - had to leave my pack, clothes, etc behind. I have never seen the river this high or this cold in my 4 years visiting. Word of caution: being across the river from your supplies is NOT a good idea. If the river had risen, I would’ve been stranded naked, in 45 degree weather. Terrible choice I shouldn’t have made.

Only 4 of the 6 pools were accessible - 2 of them completely underwater. And there was more sand in the lower pools than usual.

5 other people in the springs - 2 textile. I couldn’t tell if they just had their stuff strewn about, or if there was trash everywhere.
I did pick up some trash once I crossed back over at the end. Bottles, underwear... some of it was clearly from AFTER the flooding.

I say all this so that if anyone else is considering coming in from Bowen this week... I’d strongly discourage it. It can be done, but not without taking some risks.

Trip report 3/11/19

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