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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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Trip Report 2/12/019

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February 12, 2019 12:35PM
I did a quick trip down to the springs (on the way back from a rock hounding trip in Afton Canyon) to see what the flash flooding had done. I hiked in from the PCT and discovered this wall near the rainbow bridge on the north side of DC does anyone know when it was made and why it is there?

There was snow in the hills and along shaded parts of the pct but air temp was around 45F. I got to the springs pretty late, around 4pm and there were only 4 ppl and two dogs there (all nude). The beach is severely eroded now and the source to the arizona pool is even more precariously exposed.

The arizona pool is still at creek level and it seems the sand at the bottom has been shifted again. It felt very cold.

The biggest change is that a lot more sand has washed up onto the rock area between the crab cooker and serenity pool, and its blocked the flow.

I was able to dig a small channel to get some crab cooker water to serenity. Both serenity and womb look super gross. Just from moving around the sand in that area my hands were blackened from what I assume is a lot of ash that's been washed away from the beach campfires. There's also a very fine brown pulp of(i think) leaves, reeds, roots, etc that were pulverized by the force of the flood waters. Every time you move the sand in the pools it kicks up this pulp. I didn't even try getting in the womb but I am guessing its full of a lot of sand and plant material rotting at the bottom. The anniversary pool looks ok. The creek is about 3.5 feet at the crossing area and the dry crossings are all too fast moving to attempt. Going to head down for a full day on Thursday to try to properly clean some of the pools, depending on the forecast of rains!

Trip Report 2/12/019

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