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Deep Creek Hot Springs

The Moon is Waxing Gibbous (73% of Full)


01/27/19 Trip Report

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January 27, 2019 09:59PM
07:10 am: left LB to drive to Bradford Ridge

09:10 am: Arrive at Entrance and saw a few cars. Nice to hear that small creek

10:30 am: arrived at DCHS after a 1h:15 minutes. Since all existing GPX files (such as the one I found previously and linked here, or Alltrails) are all the right fork, which leads to that steep hill, I attempted to create GPX file that details the left fork that goes along the Ridge.
Forgive me as this was first time creating GPX file, and it best to used as a note since there some error.
As you can see from that GPX file, I crosses the Ridge correctly and was going down to meet PCT, but I made a wrong turn at Waypoint 4... Should have turn around.. Oh well.

Now hot springs itself:
When I arrived, there was about 0-2 people per pool.
Arizona: a bit cooler then I remembere, but latter in the day it became warmer due to the sunlight?
I dipped in Anniversary for a bit, but it was only slightly warmer than Arizona (before Arizona Warmed up). I would say Arizona is back to normal? There was a few sandbags on the edges.
Note: above Arizona source, there a big ditch showing the entire underside of a rock. That worries me...

There was a few family there, but I gues they didnt have issue with this place being CO.

Latter in the day, it averaged to about 5-6 people in Arizona.
It was mostly Textiles, with only another person nude. Latter, there was a nude group that came from freedom, and maybe 3 others, but still more textiles.

I didn't check the other pools, but mpst of the people arrived at Bradford Ridge, 2 person at PCT, a group of kids at Other PCT side with horses (unlike last incident, I sure horses are PCT to DCHS only and not to Bowen...)and only handful from Bowen?

04:10 pm: started to hike back, this time making a new GPX file on the less steep path.
Ran into a couple that left well before me looking for the less steep path, went on PCT for a but before turning back and meet me. Guided them on the trail.

05:40 pm: 1 h 20 min hike back.
If you are waiting for that GPX file, I failed
I assumed the app woukd record even in sleep mode.... It did not, result in a straight line everytime thd WP was on.
INO, since I wasnt too familar, I didn't think there a differce between the path when going up as there less steep didnt bave a well known doe the inclines

Anyone want to try to make a GPX of that less steep. Path?

01/27/19 Trip Report

LBNguyen1599January 27, 2019 09:59PM

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