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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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Re: Just my opinion too

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June 26, 2002 01:18PM
FOF -- Are you suggesting that anyone in business is doing so out of "greed"? I think not. It's called "remuneration" -- a voluntary exchange of one thing of VALUE for another.

Where did you ever get the notion that "kind hearted" people have any obligation to give what they've earned or what they have to be "kind hearted"?

And do you think that maintaining the Bowen Ranch is cost-free? Don't you think he has a practical consideration to stay in "business" and re-fill his gas tank, for example, so he can continue to provide his "service"?

Is it really a black-and-white issue as you describe? That if he were "truly a knid hearted individual.." he'd do all his work for free? I think not.

I'm now wondering how much of YOUR money has gone to improve the Springs? Name the dollar amount you've spent.

$4 is a damned low price to pay for peace of mind. And Mike can take THAT to the bank!

Just my opinion

Free our Forests 788June 26, 2002 12:34PM

Re: Just my opinion too

Naked Man 442June 26, 2002 01:18PM

Re: Just my opinion

Arizona Mike 531June 26, 2002 04:57PM

Re: Just my opinion

metalmiraclemike 805June 26, 2002 10:41PM

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