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Deep Creek Hot Springs

The Moon is Waning Crescent (10% of Full)


Trip Report 04/21/18

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April 21, 2018 10:01PM
My 5th trip to DCHS
First time going to DCHS during spring time. Typically go in October/ November, once after Christmas.

Brought a friend (A) to show her DCHS for the first time.
Told her about 3 entrances, she actually prefers the South Side, Bradford Ridge, with reasoning that if total time was the same, might as well spend more time hiking vs diving

From my earlier trip report, I was baised against Bradford Ridge.
Then I remembered A is fit person, so I shouldn't have same issues as before. Of which I can take my Prius to save gas too.
The past year I recently learned to use GPX files to ensure I don't go off trail, so I looked for a GPX file of Bradford Ridge
Found this:

Left Long Beach @ 6:15 am, Arrived Bradford Ridge Trail head @ around 8, starting the hike about 5-10 min latter after setting our gear ready.

Maybe it due to experience, but I didn't go off trail (last time got confused at so many spots in that wasn't sure if that was a fork or not)

Saw bush where the trail split between right steep and left gentle.
Technically while I read up on guide such as Trip Report 11/30/17, I recognize that shrub from my experience last time, which is a good thing since the shrub no longer has the red Ribbon.
With knowledge of how steep right side is, I ensure I take the left side this time.
Left side: For about 3-5 minutes, it get steep and sandy. I did slip and get cuts on right hand. After that section, it an easy walk along the ridge, with a few rock scrambling. Easy to follow the path. There was some confusion when it connects to PCT, but it kinda obvious when it would go gradually to the Hot Spring (which is in sight) or would drop down.

Overall, took about 1h & 15 minutes minus direction stop, arriving around 9:30 am.
Afterwards, settle down then showed my Friend all the Hot Springs.
If there was anyone in the pools, it was about 1-3 in each.
There about 3 people doing PCT. 1 group with Tents set up east of Arizona Pool, 1 group close to Anniversary pool, and about 3 Tents tents in random location. (Assumed all those tents were PCT people rather then actually camping at DCHS).
In terms of Trash, don't think saw any except a full trash bag by Anniversary pool. So still kinda clean from the cleaning up a few ago that I head about.

Spent most of my time in Arizona pool/cooling off in Creek, Jumping off Rocks.
Did take a nap, and felt Arizona pool was kinda hot, so that the difference between fall/winter and spring. Kinda prefer the cold creek more.
Though compared to last few times, the Creek is certainly lower then before: I'm about 6' so when I jump from Arizona pool to Creek, and wait 5 minutes in Creek next to AP, usually it just my head out of the water. Now it also my Chest.

Dried off @ 2:45, Hiked out @ 3:10 pm since friend wanted to be home by dinner. Took the steep path up this time. Quite tiredsome 15 minutes, even going up hill. Had to take 5 min break after reaching the Shrub that indicates the fork.
Arrived back to car around 4:50 for a 1h 30 min of pure hiking back using steep path. Arrived back to Long Beach around 7pm.

New impression of Bradford Ridge: avoid steep section at all cost. Not friendly to freehike unlike Bowen Ranch based on all the rock scrambling and scatches. May take Bradford Ridge if I want to save Gas, where take Bowen Ranch if I want to free hike.

Bowen Ranch requires high car, such as 4runner. Entire travel from LB would take the entire tank of gas
Bradford Ridge: Can take Prius since it dirt road. Maybe 1/4 of the tank so only about $5 worth gas?
$40ish vs $5ish...
Also save $5 per person via BRT compared to Bowen Ranch.

Overall people count:
Maybe around 100? However, while that may seem like alot especially for an outdoor secluded location. It didn't feel that crowded compared to other weekend runs (obviously weekday has much less)
About 3-4 people in each pool, including the Sandbag area around Serenity Pool in the Creek. Arizona had about 3-6 people
Most of the people were standing around, resting I guess? There was room for more people in each pool. Been once on a weekend when it more crowded in the pools itself.

Overall view of Textile/Nude: about it 1/3 were nude (or at least went Nude while in a HS), a few nude groups, but mostly individuals.

Overall Type of people: Compared to last weekend trip I went, much less people drinking beer/smoking.
A bit less hippy vibe, but still friendly/Chill.

Side note:
There a Hole by one of the trees near Arizona pool. Kinda clever since it gives more shade from the tree.

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Trip Report 04/21/18

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