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Re: Freedom Trail this Wednesday

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March 17, 2018 04:28PM
The parking area you have mentioned down the Bowen Ranch trail a ways is the USFS parking spot. The Freedom Trail parking area is out west of there about two thirds of a mile or so. The two routes you highlighted on your map used to be open in years past but are now both closed. The route I wrote about before going around the Bowen Ranch on its west side, 2.3 miles to the Freedom Trail, is also the way now to access that USFS Parking area too, which is off east of the Freedom Trail Parking. As I indicated they are about two thirds of a mile apart from eachother ( aprox ) and are on the same dirt road. It used to by called 3N59A but I think it has a different number now. If you try and access the USFS parking area you will need a four wheel drive vehicle past the Freedom Trail parking spot. Also if its been raining and is wet, there is a steep hill just east of the Freedom Trail spot that is muddy and very slippery and hard to get up even with a four wheel drive. It can also be muddy and slippery from the Bowen Ranch to the Freedom Trail parking and that road is not graded so is a bit rough, but it can usually be reached with a two wheel drive vehicle, ones that have some decent clearance. There is a way to get to that USFS parking lot on the current open road that heads off further east to the Luna Mtn and Round Mtn areas, but it is quite a bit longer and rougher. Some four wheel drive enthusiast go out that way sometimes.

Freedom Trail this Wednesday

paulespo1069March 17, 2018 10:32AM

Re: Freedom Trail this Wednesday

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Re: Freedom Trail this Wednesday

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Re: Freedom Trail this Wednesday

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Re: Freedom Trail this Wednesday

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