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Re: Burning Man attendee dies after running into flames

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September 04, 2017 10:34AM
My daughter and I were watching the live stream of the Saturday night burn up until about a half hour before the incident. The next morning I saw on face book a series of very clear still images from a Reuters reporter that showed this man sprinting towards, and then into the fire. He had something hanging from his neck. It may have had some sort of religious significance to him. The first couple of photos show a firefighter running trying to stop him. I have not seen any info yet on why he did this. Seems like that will come out at some point, unless it was just something he kept to himself.

The last time I went to Burning Man I witnessed a young woman getting crushed by a trailer being pulled by a big bus. I was riding my bike behind the back of it and I saw the woman run up from out of the dark to the bus jumping up and down by the windows. She got on the back of the bus trying to catch up with a friend who was in it. Then she jumped back down between the bus and the trailer, ran a few steps and tripped. The trailer was a very heavy two axle trailer and low to the ground. I submitted a report about the incident to Burning Man because their reports were wrong, saying she got run over by the bus. I was only about 25 feet away, having been watching her since I was concerned about what she was doing. It really upset me seeing it. I later talked in a phone call to the individual who she was trying to catch up to on the bus when I was trying to contact the relatives to let them know about what exactly had happened in case they wanted to know. I never heard from them. It was very sad as just before her fall I had watched this vibrant, energetic young woman running next to the moving bus, and I did think to myself that this was not safe for her to do. I was flaberghasted when I saw her run between the moving bus and trailer, but she made it onto the tongue of the trailer so I was momentarily releived. After she could not find a way to get in the bus on back, she jumped back down to the moving ground between the bus and trailer. I think she was 29 and worked at an art store in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Burning Man attendee dies after running into flames

Rick1191September 03, 2017 08:57PM

Re: Burning Man attendee dies after running into flames

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Re: Burning Man attendee dies after running into flames

Wizard612September 04, 2017 10:34AM

Re: Burning Man attendee dies after running into flames

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Re: Burning Man attendee dies after running into flames

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