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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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Trip report 06/28/2017 angry smiley

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June 29, 2017 01:16PM
Beware of hiking in the heat!

As I descended to the springs about 100 yard from the fork around the mofo hill (last hill before the springs), I encountered a young gent sitting on the trail under sun. He said he was having a hard time walking down. He had no water so I gave him a bottle of frozen electrolyte water, forced him to move few yards down to be under the shade. The young man’s friend dressed in all black was waiting for him right at the fork. I asked him to be with his ill buddy which he did. I was not doing too well myself hiking down. All my water was frozen so I hydrated myself with beer, which probably made it worth. The man had other friends who already went down. I talked to them at the springs to make them aware of their friend’s condition.
An hour later, the man in black hiked down and asked everyone to help carry the guy who was exhibiting early signs of heat stroke. They carried him down. Few minutes later two helicopters showed up. I am not sure who called them. They flew for 20 min before one landed on the ridge and dropped two rescuers. They walked down and talked to the ill person who felt better at that point. Neither they nor I could convince him to take a flight out. The rescuers presented 2 options – fly to a hospital or fly to the Bowen Ranch. The latter was free. I was told that there were a fire engine and an ambulance waiting at the ranch as well.

I observe the guy later in the day swimming in the creek keeping himself cool. I was told that he was having a hard time hiking out with his friends. I would not be surprised if the whole rescue cost $10K.
I am glad he made it out OK but not sure if he had to be carried out.

Trash – the springs got trashed again. I collected 22 bags but by the time I left there were about 18 of various sizes and weights left by the sign on the springs side. I ran out of bags to continue. Just before I left I discovered an abandoned tent with a bunch of dreck laying around. I thought it was occupied but discovered it was abandoned. I bagged some of this crap but not all.

Please help the springs by carrying out some of this trash. Please bring heavy-duty bags to split some of the heavier bags into multiple.

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Trip report 06/28/2017 angry smiley

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