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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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the saddest yelp review

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June 12, 2016 09:54PM
You know the hot springs are on Yelp, like they are a restaurant or a store or something. It pains me to read things over there, but from time to time I do so, and saw this most recent "review" of the springs. I thought I would share it, as it will be of interest to many here, and we are now definitely in the hot summer month period, with many hikers unprepared for the extreme conditions one often faces out there.

"We visited Deep Creek today with the intention to camp out. We had a tragedy and our staffer-shire terroir had a heat stroke and after numerous attempts to revive him, including a helicopter rescue.. He passed away. I'm writing this because despite this horrific situation, along the way we met people who went above and beyond to help our dog. Thank you to the group who sacrificed a gallon of water and gave him a mud bath in a attempt to cool him off. Thank you to Mike and his friend at the front shack for being so compassionate and helpful. Thank you to Alex and his girlfriend who not only saved my girlfriend's life by giving her water when she hiked up alone to get help, but thanks to you guys for redirecting her when she was dehydrated. Confused and lost. Thank you Alex for running back down the mountain and giving me water as he continuously tried to cool down my dog. Thank you for being there when he died and for shedding a tear and helping me bury him, you don't meet people who can empathize the way you did. Thank you to your girlfriend who drove to the front and asked for help before my girlfriend even got there. Thank you to the property owners friend who summoned a helicopter rescue to help save my dog. It was too late, Smokey passed away. God knows we tried everything. Deep creek is a beautiful place, it is however, a tough terrain. I've been there before with my other German shepherd and she handled the trail fine, this time however, my heart was broken in unimaginable ways. I've read a lot of reviews about Mike and people who frequent deep creek, and I must say, today's tragedy showed me that it is imperious bullshit and there are still good people in the world. God knows, if the tables were turned, I would have done the exact same thing. What was supposed to be an outing for the dogs turned into yet another devastating day for me in 2016. I've lost two of my dogs. RIP Smokey.. We love you more than you'll ever know.. I hold myself at fault for not hiking up to get help sooner.. But I know how hard we worked trying to save you. I'm sorry. For the record , all of the rumors about Mike and people at Deep creek are imperious bullshit. He was amazing from the moment we arrived and his friend let me wait in the cabin until help arrived while consoling during this horrendous wait. If it wasn't for the people I ran into this day, I wonder if I would have made it myself."

the saddest yelp review

neogeo1940June 12, 2016 09:54PM

Re: the saddest yelp review

blueye71375June 21, 2016 03:36PM

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