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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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Re: FAQ's

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May 16, 2001 01:59PM
<i>"When is the best time of year to enjoy the springs?"</i>

Spring and fall are best but anytime is good. Summer can
be very hot though.

<i>"When during the week can I find the least amount of people there?"</i>

Monday's are probably the least crowded but any weekday is usually good. But you never can be sure until you get there.

<i>"I assume there's no reservations to camp at Bowen Ranch--if I take a group on Sunday, before Memorial Day will we even find a spot?"</i>

There are no reservations nor are there formal camp sites. You can always find something.

<i>"Is nudity tolerated/common at the camp sites?"</i>

Nudity is ok.

<i>"Is nudity at the springs always O.K. regardless of who's already there?"</i>

Nudity is always OK at the springs. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

<i>"Is there any sexual activity or lewd conduct that goes on there, either out in the open or hidden in the bushes?"</i>

Shit happens.

<i>"Is it OK to hike in and out nude along the trail from Bowden Ranch?"</i>

It is quite common to do so.

<i>"What are camping accomodations like at the ranch?"</i>

A place to park.

<i>"I've read that nudity is OK at the ranch, is that true?"</i>

Ask Mike.

<i>"Does it just apply to a camping area, or can I get out of my car and get naked?"</i>

There is no official camping area.

<i>"When do the wildflowers peak?"</i>

The wildflowers usually peak in May. But it depends on how much late season rain we get and what the temperatures are.

<i>"I understand there is another way into Deep Creek? Up from a dam or something? How is parking there? Is the hike more difficult from that direction? Do we have to cross the creek from that way?"</i>

Take Deep Creek Rd. to its end and walk up the spillway at the dam.

Parking is dangerous there because the area is a hangout with a lot of rough play and drinking going on.

The hike is longer but not as uphill. It is a pleasent walk of about 4.5 miles from the spillway to the hotsprings. The creek is crossed via a bridge.

<i>"Does anybody know how the weather at the creek corresponds to what I get at weather.com when I put 92308. Is it hotter/colder in the creek than at the Apple Valley? If so, by how any degrees? Is there a reliable source other than weather.com or accuweather.com?"</i>

It is usually cooler than Apple Valley because the springs are at a higher altitude. Wind is also usually less at the springs because of the sheltering of the canyon.

<i>"Where is the best (free) place to park and access the springs?"</i>

That's a moving target these days.

<i>"Are there many weekend visitors this time of year?"</i>


<i>"What's the creek water level like?"</i>

It varies from rushing over the springs to almost nothing.

<i>"I was just wondering if it is unbearably cold in the area this time of year, I had wanted to spend a night at the ranch and hike down the next morning, but sources indicate it would be too cold to have a good time, anyone have any experience to share?"</i>

I've had my hair freeze (i.e ice from my sweat) while hiking out during the winter. Winter lows can easily be in the teens. During the summer it can stay <i>hot</i> all night.

<i>"Although I've been hiking in to Deep Creek Hot Springs for several decades I'm not familiar with the popular names of the individual spring pools. What are they named?"</i>

Depends on who you ask. Though the Crab Cooker tends to be called that by most people.

<i>"I've heard mention of Forest Service or BLM 4wheel drive roads around and near DC. Can anyone tell me the road numbers, or how to access them?"</i>

You should check with the agencies for the current routes. You can also check for information at <a href=http://www.deepcreekhotsprings.org>http://www.deepcreekhotsprings.org</a>;.

<i>"Does anyone know the creek temperature and how much it varies?"</i>

It varies from just about freezing with ice along the edges in the dead of winter to into the 80's during the summer.

<i>"I was wondering how many people were naked last weekend?"</i>

We'll never tell!


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