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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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Re: Just looking for friends

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June 20, 2002 09:36AM
Hi Justin,
Is that Just In The West? I like it. I am a firmly attached bisexual woman who visits the springs at least once a month, usually with my partner. I have talked with many wonderful people of both genders and various sexual orientations at the springs. I am quite sure you will find many fine folks to hang out with. I don't think anyone would "trip" on a single male being there, as that is common. It is only when people, single males or not, engage in obvious ogling, being obnoxious, taking pictures without permission, etc., etc. that I or others try to convince them to behave or leave.
I won't be at the springs again for at least a couple of weeks, but I look forward to meeting you and hope you enjoy my favorite place. Despite the controversies which I'm sure you read on this forum, most regulars at the springs are well-intentioned people who care about Deep Creek Hot Springs in a "deep" way.

Just looking for friends

Justin West 1002June 20, 2002 05:39AM

Re: Just looking for friends

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Re: Just looking for friends

sycamorelaughing 501June 20, 2002 09:36AM

Re: Just looking for friends

Ken 524June 20, 2002 12:50PM

Re: Just looking for friends

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Re: Just looking for friends

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