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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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Trip report: Fri. 2/13

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February 15, 2015 11:19PM
I arrived at the Bowen Ranch parking lot at around 12:30, there were about 8 cars in the lot and there was a tent set up in one of the ranch campsites. It was sunny and breezy in the parking area but there were no clouds in the sky and it was getting very warm. I free hiked down to the springs, I passed one couple heading back up and another gentleman free hiking back up also. When I arrived at the springs there were about 25 to 30 people at the springs, about 85% of them textile, mostly high school or college age guys. The womb and anniversary pools were sort of full so I set up my towel on the sand near the Arizona pool and eventually went into the pool for a 15 minute soak. The pool was pretty warm and because I was sitting out in the sun it got to be a little too hot to soak for very long so I got out and started to pick up some trash. There were a couple of tents set up under the trees. I was impressed that there was not very much trash around, I had brought my claw pick up tool and only found enough trash to fill a plastic grocery bag. I sure after the weekend there will be plenty of trash to pick up but it was nice to see it fairly clean. I ended up free hiking back out at around 4pm. I passed around four or five people heading down to the springs, one of them was free hiking.

The Bowen Ranch road had quite a few wash board areas and there seemed to be more deep sandy spots on it then when I last traveled across it, I averaged around 25 mph on it. The road between the ranch house and the parking lot is still a challenge, I have an older Saturn that sits pretty low to the ground so I have to pick my route carefully to make it down and back up. The last couple of trips it has taken me two or three tries to get up through the roughest section because I lose traction with my front wheels while climbing the steep hill, I always end up getting to the top though.

The weather was beautiful and the crowd was pretty mellow, I am hoping to make it back in early March and camp a night or two during the middle of the week. I definitely like mid week better than the weekends but I was in the area and could not pass up a quick dip in the springs. Thanks to everyone who helps keep our springs clean.

Trip report: Fri. 2/13

lbcalrr1831February 15, 2015 11:19PM

Re: Trip report: Fri. 2/13

Paul P.1333February 16, 2015 08:10AM

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