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Deep Creek Hot Springs

The Moon is Waning Gibbous (87% of Full)


Trip report 12-21-14

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December 22, 2014 04:17PM
When I got to the Hunter's camp parking area there was very little wind. The high clouds were keeping the sun from warming every thing. When I parked I noticed a red tailed hawk was circling the valley. He circled 6-8 times then floated over the east side ridge.This hawk was not fully grown but was colored red all over his body which made me realize how diverse the universe is. When I went down the trail to where the creek first appeared the hawk reappeared. I got to watch him interact with some ravens in a very aggressive manner. I sat next to the trail for @ 5 minuets before he continued further upstream.
As I continued to the springs about 12 teenagers were leaving. I asked if they had fun and they said yes. Then they asked if I had any cigarettes. I answered of course not they are not fun :~(
When I got to the springs there were only @ 25 people there only 4 were regulars. I looked very closely to see if I could cross the creek due to the creek rising above the boulders there. Because I was concerned about crossing the cold water from the beach area. I was wearing a new pair of waterproof boots and only barely got them wet crossing over the up stream boulders.. My first concern was the condition of the Arizona pool. Some one had repaired some what.THANKS 2 WHO EVER ? It was @ 1 foot below where it was before the creek first flooded.Then I went to the Serenity pool and discovered leaves piled above the Crab Cooker pool. Meaning the more recent flood was at that level recently. Maybe 6 inches above where we fill our water bottles up from the pipe.
The creek water temperature up stream from the Arizona pool was 50 degrees.The outside air temp was 62 degrees.
All temps are taken near the surface and near the centers of the pools.
The Arizona pool was 108 degrees. The new sand on the bottom is very nice to sit on. Some one had left several pieces of clothing here. So I picked them up and deposited them in the trees to dry. I wandered if this was those smoking teenagers ?
The Anniversary pool was at 105 degrees. It was very clean as if some one is siphoning out the dead algae. THANKS TO WHOM EVER ?
The Womb pool measured in at 102 degrees. I found Elton Johns sunglasses on the bottom. Of course they are in my trash now. In case he wants them back.
The Serenity pool was 106 degrees. Some one had cleaned the leaves out of this pool making for another great soak. THANKS some more.
The Crab Cooker pool was a surprising 116 degrees. Almost always it has been 114 before. Perhaps the fountains down below are changing ?
The Contemplation pool was at 85 degrees. I thought this pool would be cooler perhaps this source is getting hotter also ?

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Trip report 12-21-14

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