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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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Re: Damned Motorcycle TERRORIST !

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January 06, 2015 01:56PM
First you have to ask yourself why does that matter ?

It was just after Thanksgiving 1997. I was leaving the hot springs and Mike Castro and David Boyer were going toward the springs half way down the trail. Mike had a 9mm on his hip and David had a large Bowie knife strapped to his leg. I attempted to apologize to Mike about any percieved offence he had with me. He proceeded to go into a diatribe of filthyness and vile so dirty my mind has trouble comprehending it. It was difficult to tell witch cuss words were nouns or witch were adverbs. It ended with him foaming at the mouth with uncontrollable rage. It appeared he had a demon in his very core. This was all very alarming when he would reach for his gun from time to time.
At the time I had been training to do the Santa Barbara Half of an ironman Triathlon. I had been ridding my bike 10 - 15 miles every other day and swimming 2 miles every other day. I was certain I could contain him if he pulled his gun on me. David and his knife I was not so sure of, however. When Mike seemed to be having a panic attack David stepped between us saying he would take care of me. He said to stay away from Mike and the ranch forever. He said I had reeaally pissed him off. Mike headed off to the springs, cussing.
Does that satisfy your curiosity ?

Damned Motorcycle TERRORIST !

jobe2363December 22, 2014 07:57AM

Re: Damned Motorcycle TERRORIST !

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Re: Damned Motorcycle TERRORIST !

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Re: Damned Motorcycle TERRORIST !

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Re: Damned Motorcycle TERRORIST !

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Re: Damned Motorcycle TERRORIST !

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Re: Damned Motorcycle TERRORIST !

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