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Re: Minimalist Packpacking

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July 28, 2014 10:12AM
Makeup kit, classic. Well mine can't live without her phone (what you get for dating someone a generation younger) so I also carried a hot spot in my pocket which only has 4 hours of battery, so that warranted a solar panel, for the phone as well, which came in handy though because it connects via bluetooth to both the camcorder and sat transmitter because heaven forbid if you need to text and there is no terrestrial cell coverage around! Some women, I gave up arguing that the point of nature is to leave computers behind. Without those we would have come in at 3 lbs.

My client was telling me how they went trekking in Kings Canyon for a week and they overdid it. After a few days, they left behind some equipment with a note for other hikers to claim, and both are very fit. Every lb makes a huge difference. We practically ran some of the trail due to the light weight. However, we did have another secret item. I know someone connected with the military and he gave us instant heat packs for boiling water. So tiny yet so effective, especially when you can't build a fire. I'm hoping these things make it into the civilian side if not already. Basically soldiers do not have time to build fires or put up with portable stoves to heat up anything in the field so they rely on science to superheat any food in the MRE.

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Minimalist Packpacking

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Re: Minimalist Packpacking

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