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Injuries and hospital visits

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March 05, 2014 05:33PM
If anyone is familiar with medical billing, there is a new standard going in on 10/01 of this year which will replace the existing system. The idea is to streamline and improve billing in our healthcare system. I'm still looking for specific codes that are used for injuries sustained while soaking aside from heat injuries, but these are worth sharing. I'm not sure how the last one would be used.

If you are injured via a lamp post ... three codes will be used:
W22.02XA: Initial encounter
W22.02XD: Subsequent encounter
W22.02XS: Walked into lamp post, sequela

Injured due to contact with a turtle: W59.21XA, W59.21XA and W59.219XA
Injury from a dolphin: W56.09XA
Struck by a sea lion: W56.12XA
Sucked into a jet engine: V97.33XD (assuming treatable event)
Injured in an opera house: Y92.253
Injured in an art gallery: Y92.250
Injured in the driveway of a mobile home: Y92.024
Injured in a chicken coop: Y92.72
Injured when knitting or crocheting: Y93.D1
Burned when water skis caught on fire: Y91.07XA
Spacecraft collision injuring occupant: V95.43
Unspecified spacecraft accident: V95.40XA
Forced landing of a spacecraft injuring the occupant: V95.42XA
Weapon of mass destruction: Y36.91
Bizarre personal appearance: R46.1

Injuries and hospital visits

mohave1529March 05, 2014 05:33PM

Re: Injuries and hospital visits

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Re: Injuries and hospital visits

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