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Deep Creek Hot Springs

The Moon is Waxing Gibbous (64% of Full)


11-2 & 11-3 trip report

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November 04, 2013 06:13AM
The weather was perfect when I got to The freedom trailhead at 2PM. I jogged almost all the way to the springs. My watch said I did it in 14 minuets and 29 seconds. I saw no people on my jog down. When I got there there there were @ 30 people there. This number increased but it did not get too crowded as the day went by.
At 3 PM. I got my thermometer out and took temps of the pools.
The outside air temp was 70 degrees.
The creek water at the place where most people cross the creek from the beach was 66 degrees.

All pool temperatures are taken in the middle of the pools near the surface.

The Arizona pool was at 108 degrees. I took the temp at the source there and it was 114 degrees. It was only @ 1 foot deep
The Anniversary pool was at 105 degrees. When I got to the springs 2 teen aged boys thought this pool needed some sand to sit on in there. And they put @ ten gallons into the pool. This made the whole pool muddy. And this mud was flowing into the Womb pool. Causing it to look ugly. So, Steve a deep creek regular and me procceded to vacum out the sand/mud from the Anniversary pool. Steve and I did this because a group of 15 beautiful colledge girls got to this pool , looked at it and said oohh !

The Womb pool was at 102 degrees. Most of the party animals were enjoying this place to the MAX. Enough said !

The Serenity pool was 104 degrees. It was full of pretty naked women so I let them take the temp.

The Crab Cooker pool was only at 112 degrees. It is usually 114 degrees there. I noticed the sun does not shine here like in the summer time. And that is why it has cooled.

The Contemplation pool was at 88 degrees. That is the coldest I can remember there. Still a nice place to contemplate.

After helping clean the Anniversary pool I took a nap. Only to be woken up by the realisation the sun was going down and most people were leaving.This is not a good way to wake UP!
I camped at the Hunter's camp to stay legal. It was a very quiet night and warmer than I expected. Once again, I woke up to find mosqitoes biteing my face. I had a very good breakfast for my long day at the springs. While fixing/eating breakfast I was warmed by the bright sunshine. When I got to the springs they were still in the shade.
When I got there I heard stories of Polynesian dancers dancing for hours into the night and in front of the campfire. A very good show I am sure. Also, I heard about some stoned hippies that took more than 1 hour to climb down the cliff to cross the creek. The female camper stated it was better than television ;~) I belive her.
Sunday was sort of a crowded day BUT it was comfortable and everyone I saw felt happy and blessed to be at my favorite hot spring. There were no bad vibes I could detect anywhere. AND THAT is why I keep going back ... is for weekends such as ...
UUUMMM!!! Polynesian dancers

11-2 & 11-3 trip report

jobe2129November 04, 2013 06:13AM

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