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Re: Fishing expedition

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June 07, 2002 08:59AM
Are you guys even the least bit surprised this happened? 40 marijuana plants in the neighborhood is an open invitation for a raid, politics being what they are surrounding legalization of and medical use of 'pot'.

Now, I know how brutal the cops can be, and there's no excuse for that. Lies told by the prosecutor is wrong also, but that's 'given' when involved with the law. But, let's not be too naive here. Essentially, that's what prosecutors do: trump things up to get a conviction; lie if they have to. Anyone who's ever been a defendant knows how that works.

Also, with the rumors about how the village and surrounding area is known for being a haven for 'meth' labs, can you blame the cops? If I've heard the rumors, you can bet the cops heard them too.

If you want to take the activist stance and try to change things, more power to you. Too often politics justifies the 'ends' without regard to the 'means'. This needs to be corrected. But to get all indignant about the fact it happened, considering the situation, one would almost expect a raid at some point. All one can do is prepare for it best one can. Or, be willing to pay the consequences for living in that neighborhood.

No matter how much I'd like to live in certain places, to ignore the politics present and activities of my neighbors would be foolhearty.

BTW, I'm not trying to minimize the wrongs done by law enforcement, but is anyone really surprised this happened? Especially in light of the stories about the Village told in this very forum.

Fishing expedition

Rick 910June 04, 2002 02:00PM

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