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June 22, 2013 02:31PM
Trip Report 06/21/2013

Spent a wonderful day at the springs. It took me almost 1.5 hrs to hike from Bowen Ranch. Somebody carried out a heavy bag of trash I collected and hid in the bushes half way to the lower parking lot when I was there last week. I really appreciate your help.
I collected on the trail and left another 50 lbs bag in the same spot and carried it out to the lower parking lot on my way back. I parked the bag next to a truck so I hope it’s taken out. I also left a small bag on the trail and it was taken out as well. I did not want to carry the bag to the springs. It was the trash I collected from a not too steep side of the hill in the upper portion of the trail. As you come closer to the springs the hillsides are very steep and littered beyond imagination. Years ago there were 2 guys who secured themselved using alpinist equipement and cleanup up the steep sides. I am not sure who they are and why they stopped coming to the springs.

The springs were not as trashed as last Sunday (or so I thought). Neogeo’s efforts and the efforts of other volunteers worked. I only collected 10 bags (two of them were torn sleeping bags). There were only 5 bags left when I left. Thanks to whoever carried the bags out.

I failed to reach the spot where the “420” formation was constructed. I could not find a not so steep trail coming from upstream from the location. So I tried to climb over the rocks from the downstream but there is a spot way beyond my climbing and jumping abilities. I would’ve end up in the situation where I had to bite my own legs off to get out. I also tried to swim upstream to reach the spot. I think it would’ve been the easiest access if I had a float. But the vegetation on the bottom of the creek kinda tied my legs and arms and I had to turn around.

I had a nice time soaking and conversing with other visitors. Jobe came late in the afternoon and showed me an area in the vicinity of the pools I’ve never been before. There is a lot of trash there so if I am able to continue coming to DCHS I am going to assign myself the duties of cleaning up the area. I think I can easily collect 20-30 bags there.

I failed to bring a brush with metal bristles again. I put it in the trunk of my car but took company’s car instead. Somebody raided my hiding place stealing my brushes and a small shovel I used to bury the turds, so I could not scrub the candle wax by the Arizona pool. Local 99 cent store on Bear Valley Road sells a kit with 3 brushes for 99 cents. If you plan on coming to the springs, the brushes w. metal bristles are urgently needed along with the elbow grease.

The area by the Community tree has been visited by domestic and human livestock. There is a lot of fresh manure there, so a cleanup is in order when it dries out. I could never understand how people can set up their tents 3-4 feet away from piles of crap. I might be old fashioned and not in-line with the new generation but I cannot camp right next to s$%t for esthetic and fragrance reasons. Nowadays it’s a norm to relieve oneself right on the other side of the tent right on the side where the pillows are.

There was a small rattler 300 yards from the lower parking lot right on the trail. It did not want to move coiling up and defending its position. It was quiet unusual as most snakes do not want to deal with humans and leave immediately. I threw some sand on it but it would not budge. I had to walk around instead.

Once again my gratitude goes to whoever carried the bags and all volunteers keeping the place operational.

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06/21/2013 Trip Report

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