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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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Re: Bradford Ridge vs. Bowen trail

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June 19, 2013 10:33PM
Since discovering Bradford Trail, I haven't gone back by way of Bowen Ranch. Bradford is free, no adventure pass needed to park. I hear this trail is a 6 mile (give or take) trip one way. Last weekend, my friends and I took the trail to the right of the fork, before the chicken wire fence. A few months ago, we took the trail to the left of the fork, through the fence. In comparison, the one to the right seemed "shorter" but steeper. The one to the left is less steep (not by much) but seemed longer.

Left trail - more scenic, it takes you to the side of a mountain before meeting the PCT. This trail took us about 2 hours 15 mins. All my fault though because I am not an endurance hiker. I take a lot of breaks to enjoy the view and catch my breath. Bad idea to have taken this trail down at 1pm. It was hot even in April when we hiked it. We hiked back at 9 am the following day and took 2 hours 45 mins to get back to the car.

Right trail - less scenic, with a really steep (mofo) trek in the end before meeting the PCT. However, it's much closer to Deep Creek once you've conquered the mofo coming down. It's shady as well. The crevice after the mofo had trees and bushes, it was a refreshing welcome at noonish on June 14. We started the trail around 1145 and it was HOT. The heat emenating from the mountain made it feel like we were hiking in a convection oven. This trail took us 2 hours 25 mins. I attribute it to longer breaks/stops due to the extreme heat. We hiked out at 7:30 am the following day. The hike back took us 2 hours 30 mins.

Last weekend was really nice at Deep Creek. Twenty plus people, most of us nontextiled. smiling smiley The beach was decent, only one bag of trash collected by the sign. I picked up a few cigarette butts and a broken glass pipe (really??!) by The Womb. My bf lectured some college kids how it was illegal to bring glass bottles there. The pools were relatively clean and the shower fixed (bless you!) Some nice gentleman had setup a red tightrope that we all enjoyed. I took about three steps before plunging into the shallow creek. The trout and catfish were fond of the chicken we ate in the creek. They swarmed around us. We were able to catch (and release) some by hand. My photographer brother took some fabulous pics that I may post here later.

I hope this input helps. smiling smiley See you at Deep Creek!

Much love,

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Bradford Ridge vs. Bowen trail

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