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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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Re: 6-15-13 trip report

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June 19, 2013 10:59AM
You got it Mojave. I probably would not have got in if it were 90.
Ellen ( not her real name for protection ) had a bachelor's degree in Science. That is what I wish I had majored in. Her and her 3 friends had hiked in on the Bradford ridge path and complained about the difficulty of takeing the right turn at the fork near the fence. So I explained to them how to get back to the easier path near the ridge.
They asked me if I came here a lot. So, They wanted a good judge to tell them who had the prettiest shaved Vee jay jay (their words). After considering these pretty things I came to the conclusion that it was a four way tie. I told them that to put one pretty thing in front of another was like guessing a woman's age. Besides it really was a tie. Ellen said it was a wise decision.
Ellen had jet black hair very white skin and a beautiful shade of blue eyes. Her breast defied gravity and she did not have any wrinkles in her skin. I could not guess her age but her father is a Lutheran minister. She got her degree from Lutheran University and she was raised in the church. That is near Moor Park in Ventura county. I love church girls ;~)
She and her friends were at the U.C.L.A. conference center on Lake Arrowhead and went to the springs from there. She was getting her masters degree from U.C.Santa Barbara while working part time on research at Amgen in Ventura county. All of which I found very interesting !
I spent @ 1/2 an hour giving her the grand tour as this was her first visit. Then we spent @ 1 hour talking @ science .
As these beauties were leaving I walked them to the easy path for the Bradford ridge path. She told me I had a buff body that was fun to look at. I told her she had a beautiful mind that was fun to look at.
Occasions like that are what keeps me going back to those springs.
Judging from your post I think you would maybe have LOVED to meet her/them. I know I did.

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6-15-13 trip report

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