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Deep Creek Hot Springs

The Moon is Waxing Crescent (4% of Full)


Trip Report 5-18-13

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May 19, 2013 04:21PM
It was 4 pm when I left my house. So, I knew I only had a few hours to soak and get a bag of trash out of there to stay legal.
There was only a small breeze the sun was shining brightly and the temp was in the low 90's. When I drove by where you can see the Bowen ranch parking lot it appeared to be full. When I got to the Freedom trail head there were only 3 trucks there. As I got my pack ready a Kite which is a bird that is in the hawk family was flying over me. They can fly in the same place like a helicopter and that was what he was doing. It was nice to see him so close up as if he wanted me to feed him. I told him I had noting to feed him. And as if he understood me he flew away. But I could see him further away flying in the same place looking for a meal. As I went down the trail a large number of people were leaving. Everyone I saw said it was fun but crowded today. When I got to the springs there were at least 50 twenty somethings partying around the womb pool. So many I could not get into the pool. So, I went to the beach where another party was on going by mostly twenty somethings. I saw 2 large trash bags beside the Deep Creek sign. I took it across the creek to the beach where the trash is piled up. There was @ 200 lbs. there and the bag I took there weighed about 100 lbs. I took my 40 gallon bag out and filled it up with the trash from there. While I was doing this a hippy couple from Oak springs saw me and asked if the could help? So I gave them my extra bag and they hauled it out. THANKS for their help.
After this I went to the contemplation pool to contemplate. Someone has been working on this pool during the week. it is over 4 feet deep now and a very nice soak at @ 95 degrees.
I still could not make it to the womb pool because of the large crowd there. There was a group of pretty young women in teeny weeny bikinis having a competition of jumping off the rocks onto floats as they jumped. The guys were cheering them on while grading their performance. Kinda fun except I was old enough to be any of their parent. Youth is wasted on the young. So I went back to the beach were I met some D.C. regulars and some folks from Israel were enjoying the place. These people from Israel are becoming regular. It was nice to see them again. I talked them into filling up their trash bag as they left.
As they did I noticed the shower was still broken. So I got out my tools a rigged it up and made it work. After I enjoyed it for @ 15 minuets a steady stream of soakers were there the rest of the day. This drained the Anniversary pool faster than usual. So I asked them to allow it to fill up again and put the stopper back in. As the large crowd of twenty somethings headed up the hill a large group of campers arrived. As I left with the sun set there were at least and most likely 40 campers spread out along the creek. The most I have seen in a long time. Maybe ever !
I want to encourage everyone to help with the trash problem. It is still there.
As I drove by where you can see the Bowen ranch parking lot I could see the party was there now. It kinda looked like burning man with some one having neon lights that glittered. I could hear loud techno music too and I was probably a mile away. It must be nice to be twenty!
Happy Soaking !

Trip Report 5-18-13

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