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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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angry smiley Trashcapade 05/11/2013

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May 12, 2013 01:50AM
I just came back from DCHS. If you recall, 3 weeks ago I collected 11 bags of trash at the hot springs leaving 10 of them by the sign.
Only 4 got carried out, so I was “greeted” upon arrival by remaining 5 torn bags that are now at the Bowen Ranch side of the beach.
I replaced all torn bags splitting some of them into smaller bags as the bags accumulated additional trash. I was afraid that moving
them into that location might create an appearance of having some sort of a trash service at the springs. Good folks probably thought
they could just add more to the bags and the bags would miraculously disappear.

So I added one more bag that contained trash I picked up on the trail to the pile. I collected 1.5 bags on the trail but only brought down
the one that was half full. I hid the other one in the bushes half way to the springs. I carried it out on my way up.
It appears that tossing of empty bottles and trash off the trail is the retards’ new pastime. It’s been 3 weeks since my last visit but the slopes on
both sides of the trail are littered again. I picked up everything I could safely reach but that only made a dent. The morons throw it right where
the trash is visible but impossible to be collected due to almost vertical terrain.

On the pools side of the creek I found one more bag that I collected the last time. It’s been “enhanced” with more trash making the bag way too heavy.
I am grateful to the 25+ person strong Meetup.com group which, after my extended arm twisting, reluctantly agreed to
take a couple of smaller bags. I split that 70 lbs bags into 4 lighter bags and the Meetup group took 2 of them.

I spent the rest of the day collecting trash upstream from the pools. I collected 12 more bags. I still have not checked
the downstream portion, so I think it’s littered by now.

Some groups of people carried some of the bags collected but when I left there were 7 bags on the pool side right by
the sign informing about DCHS day usage. There were 8 bags at the Bowen Ranch side right on the beach. Additionally,
I collected 1 bag of trash and 1 bag of cans in the area that’s immediately to the left of the BR side of the beach.
I placed them in the enclave near the tent. I hope the campers whose tent is anchored down in that area take the
bags with them. Otherwise, there will be 10 bags on the BR side of the beach.

At the end of the day I got very exhausted. I spent 1.5 hrs collecting trash on the trail coming down, 6+ hrs picking up drek in the sun
leaving only 30 min for soaking. I did not have any energy to carry even one bag, so I left empty knowing that I still had to take care of the bag I hid
on the way down. So I only carried out that one bag.

Please help the springs and yourself by carrying some of these bags. What was the group that had an Earth Day clean-up day?
Is there a way to reach it to schedule yet another clean-up day?
Does anybody owes a helicopter we can load with trash? winking smiley

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angry smiley Trashcapade 05/11/2013

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