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Re: Hot weekend

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April 21, 2013 08:56AM
Blacks Beach has been great lately. Currently (Sunday 8:40am) it is still somewaht foggy, but the fog will break soon and we should have sun all day. Howver, it will be a little cooler than the last few days. Should be about 70 today. Winds should be light also, so nude sunbathing conditions will be ideal.

One sidenote- last Tuesday I noticed a guy dressed in full camoflauge sleeping in one of the sand pits near the cliff below the golf course, which is basically the northerly end of Blacks Beach. I didn't think anything of it except I thought he must have been really hot laying in the sun all day dressed like that. Then on Wednesday when I was leaving Blacks and heading home late in the afternoon, I noticed the guy was still in the same place, but he didn't appear to be breathing. I first when over and called out to him, then I checked his pulse and he was dead! I immediately called 911 and the San Diego Lifeguard service. The lifeguard truck got there first- I explained the situation, then the police came and took my statement. They took the guy away with all his stuff. There wasn't any foul play, but I told the police to be sure they check for a rattlesnake bite when they do the autopsy- and sure enough, that's how he died.

Anyway, the moral of this is- if you go to Blacks try to stay out of the numerous sand pits that are just below the cliff. Snakes do venture into these pits. There is plenty of nice sandy beach to enjoy.

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Hot weekend

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