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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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Re: wizard pic

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April 08, 2013 06:08PM
Neo Geo, this old photo http://www.flickr.com/photos/hotspringswizard/8526358857/in/photostream/ was taken on the same day as the pic you gave the link for. Those images are both on the same page right next to eachother at my Flickr site. I couldn't tell you exactly what year that pic was taken but it was many years ago, alot more than a decade. That year there was alot of rainfall, winter and summer so as you can see the vegetation was growing very well. The trees shown in the photo I linked to are basically all gone now being cut down by uncaring persons for one reason or another. One day not long after those pics were taken I went to DCHS and found that three of the Sycamores had been cut down to stumps, the reason as someone told me down there was because some drunken young man had a fight with his girlfriend so he took out his angst on the poor trees. Those trees provided a great spot to stay cool in the hot summer heat. The newer Cottonwoods north of the Arizona Pool planted as small starts years ago by a regular visitor were looking very nice, but in recent years people are cutting off the lower limbs of those to, eliminating more beauty and shade which is sad to see.

I was down to Deep Creek in the near vcinity of DCHS last thursday and while exploring the creek I came across the first rattlesnake for me of this warm season, It was a Southern Pacific Rattler and my pooch Piper almost walked into it but saw the snake at the last second! There were frogs croaking along the creek which is always nice to hear as I was hiking out of the canyon :-) I have been wanting to post some of my other old pics that I think people here would enjoy seeing. I've found that taking a photo with my camera of the old photo is working best to get a decent copy of it to post. Our scanner doesn't do it well. I'll post about it when I get some images up, and I'll be adding some other varied photos soon too :-) Thanks for your interest in the pic NG :-)

wizard pic

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