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Deep Creek Hot Springs

The Moon is Waxing Gibbous (64% of Full)


Trip report 3-28-2013

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March 29, 2013 11:54AM
O K emergency over so...
SO as I headed to the Anniverary pool I noticed a large amount of trash. So instead of soaking I picked up one half of a 40 gallon trash bag. Then I put this trash bag on one of the cottonwood trees. When I did this another hot spring vollunteer took my bag and completely filled it w/trash. Thanks ! vollunteers.
Earlier as I got on the trail from the Bowen ranch I saw 7 campers leaving the springs. With sleeping bags and tents attached to their packs. They were 20 some things, 5 guys and 2 women. I asked if they had fun at the springs ? They said they had been up all night and the springs were beautiful during the full moon. They now had too go to work to pay for their trip. OH yea, I said you are gonna PAY !!!
While soaking in the Anniverary pool I noticed that some one had been keeping it very clean. Then I went into the Womb pool it is very clean too. I had this pool to myself for @ 30-40 minuets when A woman with an 13 month old baby got into the pool too. It was her first time to the springs she said. After talking a while I discovered she was raised in Laguna Beach. A place I lived at for 3 years back in the 70's. So we rimanised about that. She stated she was looking for 2 of her friends who were hiking in soon. After @ half an hour of looking a large family showed up . She thought it was her friends , but, it was not. Then A sherriffs helcopter circled the springs and went to the trail where her friends were. It hoovered there for 10 or 15 minuets. All the time worrying my new friend. We worried that some one had been hurt or lost. So I told her I would hike up there and investigate for her. Because, she had a back pack at @ 40 pounds a small dog and a baby it would take her longer to investigate. She and her friends had found out on the internet that it was only 1.2 miles to the springs. Not the 2.2 miles that it is. She had hiked her limit and struggled getting in.
As I investigated this her friends had made it too the top of mofo hill and turned around. Not wanting to go any further. So, appareantly they had called 911 to complane about this and thus the helicopter. This woman's husband was serving in the Navy and stationed else where. So I volluteered to help her back to her car by carrying her back pack for her. As we climbed the hills her legs were cramping up. As we got to a phone coverage area she called her friends. Every thing turned out ok.
So to be clear the distance from Bowen Ranch too the hot springs IS 2.2 miles
The distance from the Freedom trail to the hot springs is 1.2 miles.
These are 2 seperate trails having different starting locations. The freedom trail is FREE ! The Bowen ranch is the longer trail that cost money.
NOT the way I thought the day would turn out but , GLAD TO HELP !

Trip report 3-28-2013

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