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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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Hakuna Matata

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May 29, 2002 08:25PM
What's in a name?

Did any of your see The Lion King. That was the name that the characters used for a "no problem philosophy". We need a name that represents no problems for our beloved hot springs. In the Summary of the First Meeting thread several were suggested. They are:

Deep Creek Hotsprings Interest Group
Deep Creek Volunteers
Deep Creek Hotsprings Volunteers
Deep Creek HS Alliance
Deep Creek Hot Springs Volunteer Alliance (DCHS Volunteer Alliance for short)

I would propose that we could start moving forward to a voting process on the name. First of all I would like to give till next Wednesday for any additional suggestions be made to this post. Then we would start the voting process using one of the systems indicated below. Voting would be limited to people that we can recognize or that somone on the forum can vouch for their existance. Unidentifiable post would need to be excluded.

System A) One vote per identifyable source.

System cool smiley Each identifiable source would vote for a first, second and third choice of the given list. The first would recieve 3 points, the second 2, and the third 1.

Either way we would give a two week period as some people appear to visit the forum about once every two weeks. At that point we would tally the votes, which would be public knowledge. If there is no clear winner we would have a run off between the two or three top choices.

Does this sound like a fair process to all? Do you prefer system A or B?
My choice would be B as there are only a few of us posting on this forum, it would probably make it easire to reach a consensus sooner.

One last thought, in addition to replying to this thread please also share your thoughts on the Mission Satatement thread started on 05/22. Thanks.

Hakuna Matata

Ron 898May 29, 2002 08:25PM

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Paul P. 1162May 29, 2002 11:00PM

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DCR 500May 30, 2002 08:38AM

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